Stay Safe on WebSouq

We want you to have the most positive experience with WebSouq, but we know that classified ads sites must be used carefully and with an awareness that not everybody is as honest and decent as you.

So we've included some links to some of the most authoritative guides we've found online.

And always - ALWAYS! - be absolutely sure you are dealing with a genuine seller with a genuine item or service before you even think about parting with your money!


Safety tips for selling things on the Internet

Advertising items for sale on Craigslist, Oodle, and classified ads is a great way to spread the word to likely buyers, but there are risks you take when you do. Your first line of defense is only to use reputable services and follow closely any advice the site gives about buying and selling safety.


How Do I Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying or Selling Online?

Your intuition is your best weapon against getting conned in a sale. While it's unlikely it'll happen in the first place, you'll know when you're talking to someone who makes you uncomfortable.


12 Basic Online Classifieds Safety Tips

Shopping via online classifieds can be intimidating, especially if you’re have a more paranoid composition. Buyers and Sellers alike probably regularly ask themselves questions like “How can you trust that the person behind an ad or responding to one is sincere?” or “How can you stay safe online?”.


How to Safely Buy and Sell Items Through Online Classified Sites

While high-profile crimes always draw a flurry of media attention, problems involving theft, fraud, misrepresentation of a product or other illegal, and unethical, activities are far more likely to affect the average buyer or seller.